Drive Shaft

Manufacturing of composite Drives Shafts is our specialty. The type of Drive Shaft to be used depends upon the horse-power of the motor. The length of the Drive Shaft is tailor-made as per site requirement and given specifications. These are dynamically balanced before dispatch within the specified limits of permitted un-balance. Flexible elements are used at both the ends to absorb minor mis-alignment. This ensures smooth running of the equipment. Components of carbon fiber Drive Shaft are fabricated from specified material only as per Customer requirement. Drive Shaft is a very precision item. Our quality control ensures that casting, machining and fabrication are closely and skillfully monitored for long and smooth running.

Drive Shaft: Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

  • Lighter than steel or aluminum.
  • Three times torsional strength of steel.
  • Torsional spring rate allows better tire hook-up.
  • Torsional spring rate allows smoother shifting.
  • Less shock load to the differential.
  • Eliminates or dampens high speed vibrations.
  • Reduces transmission and differential breakage.
  • Widely used in car and wind turbine generator.
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