Fiberglass Planter

High quality fiberglass hand lay-up products use 196 resin with strong stability and platinum glass fiber cloth or non alkali fiber mat, and it’s polished with the automobile putty, surface treatment is made by special paint for car. There are four layers of coating (two layers at bottom and two layers on the top), the surface finish is bright and no stain.

Fiberglass hand lay-up products are purely handmade products, wear resistant, durable, not easy to deformation, no depression, no cracking, high strength, non fading and beautiful.

In the FRP production process, products surface finish can be achieved according to the requirements of any coloring, polishing, gilt, antique, imitation bronze, imitation of jade or other special surface finish, and the surface can be can be rough, thin greasy, cracking, natural gap, weathering and other real stone effect through technical processing. The surface of the fiberglass product is direct paint, gold foil, silver foil, electroplating, imitation stone, archaize production, etc.

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