Surface veil features:

The surface veil has smooth surface, fibers dispersed evenly, good hand feeling, and resin can be impregnated fast.
Surface mat is used in FRP products, good air permeability makes the resin rapid penetrated rapidly, and the complete elimination of the bubble phenomenon and white stains, the good volt mode suitable for products and mold surface of any complex shape, can conceal Gyrosigma, improve surface finish and anti-permeability,
Enhance the inter laminar shear strength and surface toughness,
Improve corrosion resistance and weather ability of products
It’s essential to manufacture high quality fiberglass mould and pultruded products to us surface veil.

Continuous glass fiber mat: 

It is a composite model of glass fiber non-woven reinforcement substrates, and it is based on the continuous glass fiber into a ring shape by random distribution, between the original wire ring mechanical effect with a small amount of binder combination, referred to as continuous mat. Continuous felt mainly used for mechanical molding of glass steel, such as pultrusion, resin transfer molding (RTM), filament winding, molding process,high mechanical properties, good insulation properties, good corrosion resisting performance, good temperature resistance and excellent properties.

Composite mat: surface veil + continuous mat or surface veil + stitch mat

Composite mat is mainly used in fiberglass pultrusion process
Chopped strand mat is mainly used in fiberglass hand-lay up products