Pultruded window and door profiles features:

■ Ultimate in durability
■ Won’t decay
■ Energy efficient
■ Conducts minimal heat and cold
■ Extremely strong—can hold large expanses of glass
■ Available in a variety of factory-painted colors
■ Virtually maintenance-free
■ Paintable
■ Expand and contract very little with temperature changes

Fiberglass Pultruded Window & Door

Fiberglass pultruded windows and doors are the ‘fifth generation’ products after wooden, steel, aluminum and plastic windows and doors with advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight and high strength, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, remarkable heat and sound insulation function. So they are known as the 21st Century ‘environmental protection product for building doors and windows’.

Compared with the steel aluminum alloy windows which are popular in the current market, fiberglass pultruded doors and windows have following outstanding advantages:

Light weight and high strength. FRP products density is 1.6~2.0g/cm3, which is 75% lighter than steel, and about 30% lighter than aluminum, but the strength is four times of the aluminum and steel.

Aging resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. Fiberglass is a kind of high-quality composite material. It’s resistant to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive products. Generally, PVC extrusion profiles service life of 15 years, fiberglass profiles have 50 years or even longer service life. Therefore, fiberglass doors and windows application can reduce the extra cost and trouble of the replacement of doors and windows.

Fiberglass Pultruded Window & Door