Resin matrix

Pultruded profile is mainly made of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resin, other resins, like phenolic resin, epoxy resin, methyl acrylic acid resin are also used for specific applications. In recent years, due to the advantage of phenolic resin in fire resistance, now have been developed for phenolic resin pultrusion of glass steel, known as the second generation of phenolic resin, has been widely used. In addition to the thermosetting resin, the thermoplastic resin is also used based on some needs.

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Fiber reinforced materials

Pultrusion for forming glass steel fiber reinforced materials, mainly E-glass fiber rovings are, according to the products need can also choose to use C glass fiber, S fiber glass, T glass fiber, AR fiber glass etc.. In addition, the need to special purpose products can also be used carbon fiber, aramid fiber, polyester fiber, poly amide synthetic fiber Vigny. In order to improve the lateral strength of hollow products, it also can adopt continuous fiber felt, cloth belt, such as reinforced material.

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Auxiliary materials:

Initiator: MEKP, TBPB, BPO, Lm-P, TBPO, BPPD, P-16
Curing agent: commonly used are acid anhydride, amine, imidazole curing agent.
Colorant: pultrusion of colorants usually appears in the form of pigment paste.
Packing: packing can reduce product shrinkage, improve the product dimension stability, surface roughness, smoothness and flat or no light; effective control resin viscosity; can meet different performance requirements, to improve the electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, wear resistance, etc., Most of the filler can improve the impact strength of the composite and the compressive strength, but it can not improve the tensile strength; It can improve the coloring effect pigments; some filler has excellent light stability and resistance to chemical corrosion; It can reduce cost. Selection of filler particle size is best to have a gradient, in order to achieve the best effect, use. Now there are surface treatment of fillers to increase the amount of.
Release agent: release agent has the extremely low surface energy, can evenly wetted surface of mould, demoulding effect is reached. Demoulding effect is good is the main condition to ensure the smooth progress of the pultrusion process.