Fiberglass Decking/Panel

We supply Various fiberglass decking and panels as pultruded hollow decking, pultruded open decking and pultruded multi-leg panel which are well proformed. All Unicomposite’s fiberglass deckings and panels are widely used in flooring, seawall, walkways, cooling tower, vehicles, platform, etc.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Open Decking System
Open Decking System is fiberglass panels with one side smooth surface. This product is intended to replace wood, aluminum or steel planks in environments where corrosion or rotting creates costly maintenance problems or unsafe conditions.

Hollow Decking System
Hollow Decking System is fiberglass panels with convex anti-slip surface. This product is especially designed at both ends and could be easily interlocked to form continues surface.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Thickness ranges from 2-5mm for different application.

  • Super duty for heavy vehicles
  • Middle duty for light vehicles
  • Light duty for walkways


Features of Pultrusion Decking Systems

  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Extremely Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easily Transported

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Fiberglass Decking Applications

  • Cooling Tower Decking
  • Odor Control Covers
  • Roofing Walkways
  • Temporary Flooring
  • Scaffolding
  • Cellular Wall Panels

Horizontal Axis Wind TurbineMaterials of Construction

  • The standard resin system is a slate gray resin.
  • The resin can be UV inhibited and the composite includes a surface veil on all exposed surfaces for enhanced corrosion and UV protection.
  • Fire retardant property is also available on your request.
  • Other resins and colors are available upon request.
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