There are several types of fiberglass ladders: single straight ladder, A-type ladder, joint ladder, foldable ladder,insulation lifting platform,etc.Fiberglass pultruded ladders are widely used in telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering and hydropower engineering. However, we should pay more attention to the transportation and storage of ladder, especially protect fiberglass ladder to avoid it to be affected with damp, then the function of insulation also will be effected.

Unicomposite is the professional manufacturer and developer of various ladders, which are assembled by fiberglass pultrusion tubes and channels. Specially unique fiberglass platform ladder. The highest working temperature: 100℃.

Fiberglass pultruded C channels and rectangular tubes are generally used as the ladder rail, some customers may choose square tubes for special ladders. For ladder steps, we recommend fiberglass round tubes, channels and round ribbed tubes.

Professional calculation by our engineers and the test can be offered in Unicomposite factory laboratory at your request. We’ll offer solution to help you choose the most suitable fiberglass ladder profile specification.

We also supply various accessories for ladders, such as rungs, rails, rods, tubes, channels, etc. For more FRP structural profiles specifications, please click the FRP structural profiles. Or you can also contact us for customization.

Fiberglass Ladder - Pultrusion Tubes/Channels
Fiberglass Ladder - Pultrusion Tubes/Channels

Pultruded Ladder Features:

  • Solid double rivet construction
  • Heavy-Duty molded plastic top with tool tray
  • Extra heavy-duty 3’ serrated aluminum steps
  • Durable slip-resistant feet
  • Lighter and more durable than wood
  • Duty ration:250—375lbs