FRP Machining Process


General cutting: fiberglass pultruded profiles can be cut by handy cutting machine, which is more flexible. For frp profiles with big cross section, automatic cutting machines will be used. The standard profile length tolerance is 1.0mm~2.0mm.

Custom shiping cutting: most of products Unicomposite pultruded are general cutting, but some customers need special cutting, for example, curved cutting or jagged shape. As we all know, standard cutting machine is for smooth cutting, so it’ll take time to design and manufacture customized cutting equipment.

Drilling: there are several types of drilling can be offered by Unicomposite, hand drill is general and cost saving, that’s for standard drilling. If you have high requirement on the holes shape, holes distance, urgent leading time and don’t want to waste more labor cost to clean holes edge, punch is better choice.

Surface: painting, golden leaf, gritting, peel off, sanding. The painted products can be metallic paint, gloss paint and matt paint. Main advantage of gritting products is anti-slip. For more details of peel ply and peel off information, please click here.

Foam: urethane foam can be inserted into fiberglass tubes, the main target is to keep temperature at a certain degree.

Sealing glue:  fiberglass pultruded profiles cross section can be sealed glue to increase service time in the corrosive liquid.

Slot and Assembly: Unicomposite offers not only separated pultruded profiles but also assembled products with several profiles joint together at request.


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