Unicomposite is a professional manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom fiberglass profiles.

Among them, FRP plant stakes are one of the featured products, widely used in green industry for greenhouse, vineyard, horticulture, grower, garden center, nursery, farm and ranch etc.

Fiberglass stake can be devided into fiberglass rod and fiberglass tube, which is made from resin, roving, etc. Plant stakes can be either functional or decorative — either way, you want them to be durable. It is anti rust and long life span. Therefore, fiberglass plant stakes can save your time and money.

FRP Plant Stake


Dimensions Available

Unicomposite’s standard fiberglass stakes are solid fiberglass rods and hollow fiberglass tubes.

Diameter of solid rods varies from 1/5” to 1”, diameter of hollow tubes varies from 1/2” to 2”, the length can be cutted as required.

We can do the garden stakes in any color, but the hot colors are usually white, yellow, green. All FRP stakes are UV resistance, smooth surface, flexible and strong.

Not only standard stakes available, to the request of market, we also develop custom FRP plant stakes with our efforts.

FRP Plant Stake

fiberglass stake dimensions


Application on Planting

Plants may indeed survive the weather on their own, while others need help to stand up and thrive. The main purpose of staking is to provide support, whether they are trees, seedlings, vegetables or flowers. Fiberglass stakes are ideal for your plants because they are more durable than traditional stakes. Flexible fiberglass rods maintain flexibility in windy weather while limiting their range to prevent lasting damage. This natural movement stimulates root establishment and allows for max growth potential.

Application goes beyond regular use such as tomato stakes, cucumber posts and tree support, agricultural tunnel. Secure your vines, trees, shrubs, tomatoes, pitaya cultivation, ganoderma lucidum cultivation, cucumbers, peppers, perennials, or other garden and flowering plants. Can be used as marker stakes or fence pins.

Special Surface
The fiberglass stake with a polyester veil, which makes the surface more smooth and it’s the best UV protection , while preventing splinters, cracking, chipping or flacking. Life expectancy is in excess of 25 years. The initial purchase price is offset within 3 to 4 years by: reduced tree damage, no replacement costs, lower labor costs.

Products and Details
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