We manufacture and supply various of molds and tools for the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic industry. Our equipment & tooling factory has full range of machinery & tooling including precision machine tool, line-cutting machine, hammering machine, lathe, planer, grinder, polisher, borer, special system for gun-grilled die, etc. With excellent fiberglass equipment, strong R&D team, experienced workers, we always try to offer quality, fast delivery, competitive price, perfect service.

Molds and Tools

Exclusive Advantages of the mold and tooling we supplied

  • Outstanding staff and workers.
  • Competitive Price: Obtainable by our high-efficiency and reasonable control of the cost.
  • Designing and manufacturing by machinery designers and process/technique specialists jointly.
  • Special start-up services: Most of our staff have been studying in pultrusion process for a long time, so we can offer special help for those who are in pultrusion for the first time.
  • Quick action in response to any inquiry, custom design and manufacture, delivery.
  • Perfect services: for each order we’ll study carefully in all aspects and try our best to save customer’s cost and give best solution. we do not just sell products, we offer a way to make profit and solve problems.

Main types of fiberglass molds and tools we supply

Molds and tools for pultrusion, pullwind and extrusion

                  Molds and Tools        Molds and Tools

Compression molds for SMC/BMC

Tooling for compression process: 

Compression is one of the most popular processes in composite products manufacturing. Compression molds are mostly made from top and bottom parts, each part may be composed of one or several mould bricks. Heating system is also needed for compression mould.
We are very experienced in designing and manufacturing of compression molds. Once you offer a sample or a drawing, no matter what shape it is, we’ll design the best mould and compress new samples for you.

Molds and Tools

Preforming system

Preforming system is critical for successful and constancy pultrusion. Before entering die, impregnated fiberglass rovings and mats must be properly arranged and placed. Unproper preforming system causes failure of pultrusion, bad quality, and other problems.
Uinicomposite design and manufacture successful preforming system for every die. we always try every new die and its preforming system out to make sure they are perfect.
Need technical/design help or more information? Please do NOT hesitate to contact our technical department.

Products and Details
Please contact us to get more information about custom pultrusions.