Fiberglass lighting pole is gradually welcomed by the market due to its unique characteristics. Compared with traditional lighting pole, FRP pole is light weight to install and transport, weather and corrosion resistant, UV resistant, especially suitable for seaside and wet places with moisture.


Garden Lighting PolesFiberglass Lighting Pole

Garden Parking Pole, Courtyard Lighting Pole, Residential Lighting Pole, Lawn Lighting Pole, Public Places Pole.
Available for Various Shape and Color for Choice.




Fiberglass Lighting Pole Fiberglass Lighting Pole


Roadside/Street Lighting Poles
Application for Roadside, Pedestrian Road, Pathway Road, street.




Comparison between composite and metal Poles

Fiberglass Lighting Pole

Unicomposite Unique Fiberglass Lighting Pole

Unicomposite covers a group of fiberglass products, centered on fiberglass lighting poles, where fiberglass has in many case proved to be the idea material to fulfill the technical, environmental and economic requirements of application.
Unicomposite owes a team of engineering and design. For structural design with fiberglass materials is more complex than with conventional materials such as steel and wood. Because the fiberglass is neither homogenous nor isotropic. That is fiberglass pole does not exhibit the same material structure throughout the bulk of the material and does not have the same properties in different axes. This implies that indepth design calculations and analysis is required to account for the varying material properties and direction of loading. There are four main properties that must be considered when designing a fiberglass pole: deflection, strength, shear and fatigue.
As the market grows, continual materials and process development will help reduce the weight and cost of fiberglass poles.
Unicomposite is dedicated to provide the lowest total cost pole, the greatest safety pole, the smallest environmental footprint pole.