Fiberglass handrails are commercial railing systems for stair rails, platform/walkway handrails and guardrails.

The railing system uses FRP profiles as the pillar support body, and is fixed together with a set of pipe connectors, which can be customized according to the user’s design requirements.
The overall strength, height, density and appearance of the handrails have a certain degree of plasticity, and the options are diverse.
Unicomposite’s handrails and fencing are suitable for large areas where quick installation is needed and no specific fixing systems are required.


Common handrail systems:
Square tube guardrail, like 50mm square tube as top rail and post, 40mm square tubes as middle rail.
Round tube guardrail, like 50mm round tubes as top rail and post, 36mm round tubes as middle rail.
Combination of round and square tube guardrail, 50mm square tubes as top rail and post, 30mm round tubes as middle rail.

Fiberglass Handrail and Fencing System


Special FRP fencing:

Fiberglass gratings can also be used as fiberglass fencing system, together with the pultruded profiles and fittings.

Fiberglass Handrail and Fencing System


Application:Fiberglass Handrail and Fencing System

Stair step guardrail
FRP walkway guardrail
Chemical storage tank guardrail
Highway middle and sides guardrail
Railway sides guardrail
Oil operating platform guardrail
Parks and landscaping guardrail
Residences / Communities / Villas guardrail
Sewage treatment tank guardrail
Coastline guardrail


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