Fiberglass pultrusion process

What is pultrusion?

Pultrusion is produced by continuous compounding technology. Reinforcing sizing is initially made from unproduced twisted fibers and then a material (eg yarn).

The production process with the highest technology has obvious advantages over the production process of steel profiles. First, the pultrusion process is due to the obvious advantages of the process. The highest quality product, the most common product is the highest quality 95%. Wide range of chemical, petroleum, construction, electric power, transportation, municipal engineering, and so on.

Pultrusion process:

The material is roving, fiber mat and fiber mat) fiber reinforcement after fully smearing glass in resin bath, running on pultrusion equipment, through prefabricated template, template guidance, continuous mold entry, the role of the mold in the reaction of chocolate making It can continuously produce glass fiber reinforced plastic with surface, shape, stability and high strength.

Typical pultrusion process:

Glass Rovings and Continuous Mats – Resinous Wood Fibers for Resins – Wood Prefabrication Systems – Drawing Sticks and Patterns – Drawing Systems – Cutting in Dies – Products

Fiberglass pultrusion process

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