FRP/GRP is fiber reinforced plastic, which has excellent insulating and humidity resistance performance. So the FRP/GRP profiles, cable tray, decking, gratings and tanks are widely used in electrical power engineering.


In Vineyard

High Quality Fiberglass Tree Nursery Stakes are designed for long life. Promote strong trunks and large root systems and reduce storm damage.

  • A great compromise in strength, longevity, and price.
  • Fiberglass stakes have the flexibility of bamboo but will not rot and steel-like strength but will not rust.
  • Unaffected by temperature and UV inhibitors for a 20+ year working life expectancy.
  • Pointed end for easier insertion into the ground.
  • Colorful.


As handle tool

Compared with traditional support rods, fiberglass rods have the following advantages
Strong but Flexible: The flexibility of FRP rod allows movement during windy conditions but provides the necessary strength to keep plants sturdy in high winds
Reusable and long lifespan: UV-stable fiberglass won’t rust or rot and is not affected by temperature. It can be stored in a cool place and can be used repeatedly for several years. The service life can reach more than 15 years.
Strong design ability : the stake ends can be sharpened for easier ground penetration. Stake color and dimensions are able to customized to meet various demands.


Fiberglass Tanks for Agricultural
Our fiberglass tanks are the ideal solution for all your various farm, ranch, and agricultural storage needs. Our products are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Power Pipe & Tank tanks are preferred by farmers and ranchers alike, for use as feed or water storage tanks, stock tanks, fertilizer tanks or potable water storage tanks.
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