Compared With Fiberglass Pultruded Profiles, Hand lay-up Products Have Features Below:

■ Low cost of tooling
■ Fast production
■ Fiberglass products production doesn’t need to be limited by specification and shapes
■ Ideal for fiberglass products with small quantity and large size.

The hand lay-up process also can be called the contact molding process. Fiberglass fabric and resin are alternately covered on the mold manually and cured to be fiberglass products. The production process is different from the fiberglass pultrusion process, which has to be pultruded through a mold. The advantage of hand lay-up process is that the molding is not limited by the product size and shape, and is suitable for the production of products with large size, small-batch, and complex shape. The equipment is simple therefore small investment is enough to start the production. And the process is simple, and the production technology is easy to master. The disadvantage is low production efficiency, slow speed, long production cycle, and mass production is not suitable.

Fiberglass hand lay-up products application:

■ Fiberglass table&chair
■ Fiberglass planter
■ Nursery system
■ Sculpture
■ Water/Wastewater plant
■ Transportation system
■ Construction
■ Petroleum and Chemical industry

Fiberglass Hand Lay-up Products

Fiberglass bench

Fiberglass Hand Lay-up Products

Fiberglass Round Planter

Fiberglass Hand Lay-up Products

Fiberglass hand lay-up tank