Epoxy Pultruded Products And Applications


Epoxy resin composite material pultrusion process, continuous glass fiber is impregnated with epoxy resin and other continuous reinforcing materials such as glass fiber cloth, polyester carpet surface, going through the mould system by force, and the heating method of curing FRP profiles in the mould and the curing oven, also known as the continuous pultrusion process, mainly the production of tubes, rods, profiles, plates and other fiberglass profiles, has formed 7 major application areas.

Pultrusion process has obvious advantages. According to the Chinese Epoxy Resin Industry Association experts, mainly is: simple equipment, low cost, high productivity, easy to form automatic production lines, product quality and stability; can give full play to the role of reinforced materials, high mechanical properties, especially the longitudinal strength andmodulus; effective utilization rate of raw materials is high, basically no scrap; longitudinal and transverse strength section can be adjusted to adapt to different use requirements,the length can be cut according to need.

Epoxy FRP pultrusion products are mainly used for the following seven areas: as one of the focus of the development in electrical engineering is the most used areas, such as transformer air duct positioning rods, high voltage insulator mandrel, high voltage cable protection tube, cable insulation, insulation ladder, pole, pole, rail guard board, cable wire frame, motor parts, etc.; Chemical anti-corrosion field is of the fastest growing areas in recent years, typical products such as pipe network, the support structure of the sucker rod, downhole pressure pipeline, wastewater treatment equipment, chemical industry, chemical industry, oil, paper making, metallurgy and other factory in the railings, stairs, platforms, handrails, grille, floor, etc.; Field of building structure is mainly used for light structure, tall structures of upper structure or for special purposes, such as mobile, light structure, the structure of the doors and Windows profiles, truss Bridges, railings, tents stent, condole top structure, large boron structure, etc.; Sports entertainment such as fishing pole, hockey stick, skis, pole vault, bows, etc.; Transportation such as car shelves, truck frame, refrigerated car, auto spring board, rack,, bumper, deck, electric railway track guard board, etc.; Energy is mainly used for solar collector bracket, wind generator blade, oil well with a catheter, etc; Aerospace fields such as aircraft and spacecraft antenna insulation pipe, ship with motor parts, aircraft composite square beam, I beam, channel beam and the plane of the pull rod, connecting rod, etc.

Epoxy Pultruded Products And Applications

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