Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber Tubes

Carbon fiber and glass fiber are very popular materials currently on the market, both of them belong to composite material, consisting of two or more than two kinds of raw materials. Some people are not very familiar with their properties and don’t know how to choose the most suitable material. Today we’ll introduce some difference between them.
Glass fiber tube:
Glass fiber tubes are made of thermosetting resin (usually polyester resin, vinyl ester resin,  epoxy resin) as matrix, and glass fiber as reinforcing material. They have the advantages of corrosion resistance, high resistance, high strength, insulation, anti-static, friction resistance, etc. Application temperature range is about – 40 DEG C to 150 DEG C, if the use of better performance of resin production, resistant to high temperature of 180 Celsius degrees or higher. According to the actual need to use additives, from the flame retardant, reduce the shrinkage rate and other functions. Fiberglass tubes are nainly used in the field of electronic and electrical engineering.
Carbon fiber tube:
Carbon fiber tube is also known as the carbon tube, the carbon raw silk by the pre impregnated resin after pultrusion or pulwinding. Pultruded tube is similar to the metal pipe appearance, there is no grain on the surface finish, winding pipe has a good look of the braided lines. According to the different ways of presenting winding, plain weave, twill lines. Its resistance to high temperature, strength and resistance to corrosion are than glass fiber tube is better, application range is also wide, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sports equipment, medical equipment and other industries.
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