Carbon Fiber Pultrusion Process Characteristics

Pultrusion is a low cost, high quality technology to produce carbon fiber composite products, and it is particularly suitable for the production of medium or larger scale of the civilian and military products. With the improvement of the technology, the application field of the pultrusion carbon fiber products has been far beyond the traditional civil range. At present, there are more and more raw materials types which are suitable for the pultrusion, reinforced materials including glass fiber, carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber, matrix materials also inlude epoxy, phenolic and thermal plastic resin.
Pultrusion technology has developed many forms, most commercial form is saturated resin bath technology and the process start is to provide the appropriate type and enhancement of orientation materials yarn supply system, these materials can be through the product flow direction continuously from the tank traction and across the entire system. Although it is widely used in the application of adhesive liquid impregnation technology, there are many issues required to be improved, especially for phenolic, epoxy resin and other high performance matrix, it is more prominent.

The traditional process of pultrusion process is limited to the production of constant cross section. Many companies are trying to expand the scope of the geometry of the products, such as the continuous extrusion of variable cross-section parts. In the pultrusion process, quality control system can monitor the various processin

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