How to cut fiberglass rebar and precautions


Fiberglass rebar is a new type of composite material. It is reinforced with glass fiber, and synthetic resin and auxiliary materials are used as matrix materials. The shape of fiberglass rebar should be in the form of threads, and the surface texture of the threaded rod should be uniform and free of bubbles and cracks, its thread shape and pitch should be neat and should not be damaged.

The characteristics of fiberglass rebar make it adaptable to complex construction environments, and fiberglass rebar can be used to replace traditional steel rebar materials in highways, bridges, airports, docks, stations, water conservancy projects, underground engineering, and other fields. However, it should be noted that these characteristics of fiberglass rebar can only be exerted under the premise of ensuring quality.

How to cut fiberglass rebar and precautions

Fiberglass rebar


How to cut fiberglass rebar and precautions

The unrecoverable loss of the shield blade due to cutting the reinforced concrete wall structure, the fact that the entrance and exit of the wall structure often adopt the newer glass fiber reinforced concrete structure, so that the glass fiber reinforcement has the characteristics of easy cutting, which makes the shield blade more durable. The service life is greatly extended, and the engineering cost is effectively reduced.

  1. Wear gloves when cutting fiberglass rebar to prevent fibers from piercing the skin;
  2. Since the mass of fiberglass rebar is only 25% of that of steel reinforcement when casting concrete structure, fiberglass rebar may be suspended on the concrete due to the action of vibration, so iron wire or nylon rope should be used to bind it firmly;
  3. When saving, please keep it in a dry and cool place to prevent the erosion of ultraviolet rays.


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