Why can FRP rebar replace steel rebar?


The rapid development of glass fiber reinforced polymer bars has a great relationship with the characteristics of FRP rebar. Compared with ordinary steel rebar, the physical properties and cost of FRP rebar are superior. There are great advantages in terms of quantity, thermal insulation performance, and transportation operation cost.

In terms of the construction period

Compared with ordinary rebar, FRP rebar is customized by manufacturers. Since it cannot be processed on-site, it is necessary to precisely control the size. Once the material is cut incorrectly, the construction period will be delayed. Its shape is directly customized, which reduces the processing steps of ordinary steel bars, and the lap joint method of binding replaces the welding process, which saves the production time of glass fiber reinforcement cages.

Why can FRP rebar replace steel rebar?

In terms of construction difficulty

The flexural and shear bearing capacity of FRP rebar is much different from that of ordinary rebar and its weight is lighter, so the stability of the reinforced cage is not as good as that of the ordinary rebar cage in the lifting, lowering, and pouring of the reinforced cage, and it is prone to loose cages, stuck cages, floating, etc. In special cases, special attention should be paid to the production and hoisting of the cage.

In construction safety

Compared with the currently widely used construction method of partially or completely removing the reinforced cage diaphragm wall at the shield ends, the FRP rebar cage diaphragm wall can be directly penetrated by the shield machine, avoiding the easy mud, water, and sand gushing. Dangerous conditions, saving the cost of breaking the diaphragm wall and reducing pollution such as dust and noise.

In terms of economic cost

Compared with ordinary steel bars, FRP rebar is lighter, which reduces the cost of making steel cages. At the same time, due to the larger size of fiberglass steel bars, the width of the continuous wall is reduced, and the I-beam or locking pipe at the interface of the continuous wall is saved, thereby saving costs.

The application of FRP rebar is a great convenience to civil engineering solves the problem of corrosion of steel rebar, and improves the service life of buildings.

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