4 advantages of FRP car wash grating


FRP grating is widely used in car wash shops. So what are the benefits of using FRP grating in car wash shops? Car washrooms use FRP gratings because of these four points.

4 advantages of FRP car wash grating

Lightweight and high strength

Its density is small, and the FRP grating is made of resin and glass fiber. Compared with steel grating, the density of FRP grating is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of that of aluminum, and the strength is 10 times that of rigid PVC. The absolute strength exceeds that of aluminum and reaches the level of ordinary steel. Its lightweight can significantly reduce the foundation support and the project’s material cost. The cutting device is simple, with no need for hot work and large lifting equipment, and only a small amount of labor and electric tools are needed, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the device.


The molded FRP grating has two kinds of a naturally formed non-slip concave surface and an anti-slip sand surface. FRP grating has an anti-slip function. The non-slip sand surface has two types of sand-laying integrated molding in the mold and sand-laying again after demoulding. Both sand-laying surfaces provide superior anti-slip function, and the sand layer is not easy to peel off and is durable.


The field of anti-corrosion has incomparable advantages. Different from traditional metal gratings, FRP gratings are resistant to corrosion by many gases and liquid media such as acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and salts. Under the action of a chemical medium, it will not cause electrochemical corrosion and rust, and will not cause damage to the structure of the material. It does not require regular or irregular inspection and maintenance. It is also different from wood and other materials that will rot and mildew. Changes and other phenomena, conservative iron, wood, cement, and other materials upgrade products. According to the requirements of the actual use site, ortho-phthalic, meta-phthalic, vinyl, and other resins can be economically selected as the matrix material.

4 advantages of FRP car wash grating


  • FRP grating has excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown and arcing phenomenon under 10KV voltage;
  • Can be used on work platforms, floors, fences, etc. with conductive hazards;
  • It is non-electromagnetic and can be used on devices sensitive to magnetism;
  • No sparks, the use of FRP grating avoids the risk of fire caused by sparks that may occur in flammable and explosive places due to tools falling on the metal grating.

These 4 aspects are enough to prove the benefits of using FRP grating in car wash shops. In addition, FRP gratings can also be used for maintenance walkways, gutter covers, large containers, cleaners, trash racks, flow troughs, biochemical water treatment tank hangers, ventilation windows, stairs, stair treads, and operating platforms.

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