Advantages of fiberglass decking


Fiberglass decking is generally used for soft-packed base layers, and then covered with fabrics, leather, etc., to make beautiful wall and ceiling decorations. The application surface is very wide, and it has the advantages of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant, and so on. Good insulating properties make it already used in radar enclosures. At the same time, it is also a good anti-corrosion material, and it has been widely used in the chemical industry.

Fiberglass decking has the advantage of strong plasticity

A variety of products with different structures can be flexibly designed according to needs, so as to meet different usage requirements and make the products have better performance. By selecting appropriate materials to meet the performance of the product, we can finally design an excellent product with corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, high strength in a certain direction of the product, and good dielectric properties.

Advantages of fiberglass decking

The most prominent feature of fiberglass decking is that it has a sound insulation effect and heat insulation effect, and it is also an environmentally friendly material.

Fiberglass is a synthetic material, all of which are glass fiber materials and some heat-resistant materials, all of which are harmless. And it also has good processability, which can be processed according to your own needs, which can ensure the smoothness and flatness of the surface, and even some products that require insulation can also be used.

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