We supply various fiberglass products made from SMC(Sheet Moulding Compound) and BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) materials: enclosures, insulators, boxes, nuts/bolts, seats/chairs, various parts for machinery and electrical, etc.

The main advantage of SMC/BMC process is that it can produce the very complex shapes and large size profile by easy way and lower cost.

SMC and BMC are both fiber reinforced materials, typically utilizing glass strand fibers of varying lengths. SMC uses slightly longer length fibers than BMC, and typically has a higher percentage of reinforcement fibers than BMC.

SMC is a compression molding compound often used for larger parts where higher mechanical strength is needed. SMC is a fiber reinforced thermoset material. BMC is a thermoset plastic resin blend of various inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, stabilizers, and pigments that form a viscous, ‘puttylike’ injection molding compound. BMC is highly filled and reinforced with short fibers.

Fiberglass SMC / BMC Products

Fiberglass SMC/BMC Products Features/Benefits:

■ Light Weight
■ High Strength
■ Durable and Long Service Span
■ Competitive Price
■ Resistant to Water and Extremes of Weather
■ Variety of Colors and Designs for Choice
■ Corrosion Resistant and Maintenance Free
■ Electrical and Thermal Insulation

Fiberglass SMC / BMC Products

Whatever SMC/BMC materials or products you need, or you have any problem at your present applications, or need any design help, please do NOT hesitate to contact us.