Fiberglass insulated ladder is made of insulating fiberglass, with withstand voltage level of 220kV.

Widely Application

FRP ladder/scaffoding are mainly used for power supply engineering, telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering, hydropower engineering and other emergency repair, substation maintenance, meter reading and other Fiberglass Ladder.

How to use?

Ladders, platforms, and scaffolding give workers the means to access and work on hard-to-reach areas on walls and ceilings. Common step ladders and platform stepladders provide stable climbing, even in the middle of an open space, while straight ladders require a stable vertical surface to rest on. Attic ladders, pool ladders, and dock ladders address specific climbing applications. Work platforms accommodate workers and their tools when working at elevated heights. Scaffold towers can be erected on the jobsite to reach high areas.

Unicomposite Ladder/Scaffolding and Its Advantages

Unicomposite ladders, scaffolding and ladder cage systems are produced using a premium grade polyester resin system with flame retardant and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor additives. A vinyl ester resin system is available upon request for additional corrosion resistance. Standard side rails and cages are pigmented safety yellow. The rungs are a pultruded fiberglass polyester tube with a fluted, non-skid surface.

The Fiberglass Self Supported Ladders are quite popular in recent days and customers from different sectors are placing orders with us for this product. We are able to manufacture this product with all required features and make it suitable for the perfect use and application. We are asking for an extremely reasonable price to fit the budget of the customers. Materials are sourced from the vendors who are paneled with us. Quality check is done at multiple stage of production to avoid any manufacturing defects.

●Meets OSHA and International Building Code Requirements
●Fire Retardant
●Slip Resistant
●Fully Fabricated in Kit Form