Advantages of FRP Angles


FRP angles have become a favorite in architectural profiles because of their remarkable characteristics of good corrosion resistance. It can be used as an assembly material for brackets, grilles, platforms, fence posts, aquaculture equipment, walkways, concrete embedding, overhead pipe supports, etc.

Advantages of FRP Angles

FRP Angles

FRP angles, also known as FRP clad angle, in addition to corrosion resistance, lightweight, high strength, strong support, stable performance, high tensile strength, good insulation, and other characteristics, is one of the ideal products for outdoor building materials. Moreover, FRP angle steel is a kind of FRP pultruded profile, which is highly designable. Generally, products can be customized according to the specific needs of the project. Specifications, lengths, and anti-corrosion levels can be customized.

The surface of FRP angles is smooth and rich in color, and its corrosion-resistant characteristics make it not easy to rust, the appearance can be kept as new, and the appearance is more beautiful. And can add felt on its surface to make patterns and a variety of special effects products.

Unicomposite and FRP angles

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