Design Points Of SMC Molded Products


Different from pultruded profiles, when designing the SMC molded products,  not only take the quality requirement and work under maximum load into account but also make sure the structure meets the requirements according to the analysis of process and factors in the actual production.

The SMC molded product design structure impacts on the production process, mainly in the mold design difficulty and the implementation of the molding process conditions. Ideal molded products structure could design and make the molds easily, and product the superior SMC molded productions.

The design of SMC molded production is the base on external shape.

The external shape of SMC molded production:

The external size and shape of the SMC molded production are based on tolerance of the mold molding parts. It’s easy to process and manufacture, while the external shape is simple and dimensional accuracy is low. In a result, the external structure should be simple and regular under this premise of meeting quality in use. And pay enough attention to the influence of product shape for manufacturability. The external shape with channel, stage, bump and so on is inevitable under many circumstances. This will make mold production more complex and impact on the yield when mold material flow twists and turns in the molding. So as far as possible reducing mold material flow twisting and turning in the molding, while designing the shape of the SMC products(especially for high strength products). Because of the sharp corners of the products, SMC mold is retardant by it in the process of its forming, producing uneven material flow, causing resin accumulation, lacking, fluffy and making the product warping deformation after stripping due to the internal stress. Moreover, bad quality of surface and reduction in strength will appear. In a word, sharp corners should be round and the radius should increase under the premise of no affect the appearance and the requirement in use, when design SMC molded productions.

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