Different Use of FRP Gratings


FRP pultrusion or molded grating, referred to as the English FRP use polyester resin, alkali-free gauze and filler aluminum processed to an enhanced grid plate.  As FRP gratings produced from the mold, so different Resulting different sizes to meet the needs of different occasions to save cost and reduce waste.

General specifications are 38*38*25mm, 38*38*30mm, 38*38*38mm, special specifications are 19*19*30mm, there are also 50mm thick FRP grating. The size of the entire board have 1.22m*2.44m, 1.22m*3.66m, 1m*3m, 1m*4m. The more the mold, the more various products, then increasing the investment cost of the manufacturer. The cost of a mold also about hundreds thousands per piece.

Let us talk about 38*38*25mm , 38*38 is lattice pore size, the thickness of 25mm known as grating thickness, also called height, other specifications and so on. Such kind of grating about 3 tons capacity, which used in general drains, workshop, pedestrian aisle, city road greening project trees.

38*38*30mm can bear about 3-4 tons applicable to workshop, pedestrian corridor, plank road, urban greening and trench ditch cover, but does not apply to motor vehicles over the place.

38*38*38mm mold grating mainly used for car washing room, sewage treatment plant cover, aeration tank cover and chemical plant workshop, which bearing about 4 tons, load-bearing force to be larger, and these places are Corrosive places which need larger thickness.

Anyhow you can also choose 50mm thick grating, the cost of this fiberglass grating is much more higher and some are not cost-effective.

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