Factors Affect FRP Profiles Technical Properties


There are mainly two aspects of the important factors that will affect the performance of FRP profiles technical properties:

Firstly, we need to understand of the impact of raw materials on the performance of glass fiber comprehensively. Fiberglass pultruded profile is made of resin and glass fiber composite materials. Therefore, the technical performance of the frp profile is basically decided on the performance of the glass fiber and resin. However, it can’t be used to simple one plus one equals 2 or similar method to predict the performance of pultruded profiles. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the failure mechanism of FRP under different conditions, understand the role of resin and glass fiber in the product, and then master the technical characteristics of FRP.

Secondly, fiberglass pultruded product design. FRP profile is composed of thermosetting resin, it doesn’t like a hot metal or plastic resin, such as metal sheet, pipe and other simple profile and then process into various shapes of products, fiberglass products are most directly from the desired product. Therefore, frp profiles performance in most cases refers to the performance of products, it not only determines on the materials used in the performance, product design has close relationship with the product performance. Therefore, fiberglass pultruded products quality also contains whether a product design is reasonable or not. Product design is a complicated and comprehensive technical problems, in addition to the requirements of the use of customers, we should also consider the characteristics and process characteristics of frp. Therefore, it is an important part of ensuring the quality of the product to be designed according to the technical characteristics and technological characteristics of FRP.

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