Fiberglass Hand lay-up Process Tips


The fiberglass hand lay-up system requires the operator with rapid action and uniform coating. The first deployment good resin liquid is coated onto the mold, then put a layer of glass cloth, compaction, discharge air bubbles. Then brush a layer of resin liquid, put a layer of glass cloth, until it reaches the desired thickness. Different from pultrusion process, in the hand lay-up process, we must strictly control each layer of resin glue dosage, not only fully infiltrated fiber but not too much. Rubber content is high, the bubble is not easy to remove, but also caused by hardening the exothermic, shrinkage rate. The whole process of the implementation of multiple molding paste, each paste made of 2 ~ 3 layers, to be exothermic peak hardening after (i.e., resin glue is sticky when), can be carried out under a layer of paste. Paste system must cover a flat glass fiber cloth, glass fiber cloth between the joints shall be staggered with each other, try not to overlap the edges and corners. Attention should be paid to brush the cloth layer so that glue can be put evenly. In some cases, we need to use sharp objects to deal with the bubble.

If the product needs to be added to the metal insert, it needs to get rid of the metal oxide surface and will insert and reinforced plastic contact surface roughening, in order to increase friction, that the insert is strong. Polyester resin can not add a copper insert, due to hardening reaction of copper on polyester resin has the hindrance function.

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