Fiberglass Pultruded Sheet Tiles


Fiberglass pultruded sheet tile has been widely applied in many fields of lighting in industrial factories, warehouse, station, wharf, greenhouse, airports, sports buildings, commercial buildings, steel structures,etc.

In recent years, green building materials, energy-efficient building materials are recognized by the majority of users. Fiberglass pultruded sheet tiles (board) products are widely used in product characteristics of fiberglass tile factory (board) products with anti-corrosion, anti-aging,anti-impact, high light transmission rate, the advantages of beautiful appearance, low cost,high quality green building materials.

Light transmission: light energy using natural health, diffuse optical fiber, bright and comfortable and soft, to meet the functional requirements of human health, the transmittance can be controlled arbitrarily in 0 – 90%.

Weathering resistance: maintain stable performance in the -40 degrees C and 120 C temperature range, no softening, alpine embrittlement phenomenon. It also can be designed into a double-layer structure, the thermal insulation effect is better, especially in the northern cold regions of farm production in winter.

Corrosion resistance: high resistance to acid and alkali, oxidation, the service life of up to 20 years!

High strength: strong impact resistance ability, it can block the snow and hail impact to avoid splitting the water leakage nail hole.

Flame retardant: flame retardant plate oxygen index is less than or equal to 30%.

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