FRP Filament Wound Pipe Introduction


Most of our articals talk about fiberglass pultruded products and pulwinding products, today we’ll introduce fiberglass filament wound pipe.

FRP filament winding pipe is in the fiber winding process, the strengthening layer quartz sand sandwiched between them to make it with a sandwich structure. This reduces pipeline cost, and improve the stiffness and strength of the overall pipeline. The structure of the quartz sand pipe is composed of four parts: the inner liner, the transition layer, the structure layer and the surface layer.The main forming process of the glass fiber winding pipe is controlled by computer.

Characteristics of glass fiber filament winding pipe:

(1) corrosion resistance: chemically inert material, excellent corrosion resistance, and it can be selected according to the transmission medium of different corrosion-resistant pipeline.

(2) mechanical strength: water pressure strength, external pressure strength and impact strength are good and can be designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of pipe and pipe fittings.

(3) the temperature adaptability: the use of the temperature range: more than -70 degrees Celsius and less than 250 degrees Celsius, fiberglass pipeline won’t crack with forzen media.

(4) fluid resistance is small: the inner wall of the fiberglass pipe is smooth, the roughness coefficient is 0.0084, and the diameter can be reduced.

Glass fiber reinforced pipe is generally used for drinking water supply line pipe and water distribution pipe, rainwater pipe and agricultural irrigation pipe.

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