FRP Grating Waste Water Treatment Plant


With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more attention has been paid to the pollution of waste water treatment plants such as odor and sludge. Due to the wide range of wastewater sources, waste water treatment plants have unpleasant odors and solid wastes. Pollutants and smells change the original room environment, break the balance, and cause some worm stems to break out. Many sewage treatment plants will have some of their own never seen insects, crawling, and have a great impact on the surrounding environment.

FRP Grating Waste Water Treatment Plant

FRP Grating Waste Water Treatment Plant

The wastewater pool cover has very high resistance to organic solvents such as strong acids, alkalis, and salt, and can be used for a long time in various harsh environments; by adding a certain amount of flame retardant to the raw material resin, it can effectively improve the flame retardant performance of FRP filter grating, the high flame retardant temperature can reach 1200 °C; under the premise of the same size, the strength of FRP filter grating is second only to that of metal grating, but its quality is only that of metal steel grating. 1/4, about 2/3 of the aluminum grating.

The raw material glass fiber roving endows the FRP filter grating with sufficient toughness and tensile strength. Even if it is subjected to heavy pressure and heavy blows that exceed its own carrying capacity, it will not be damaged; Wear resistance, not easy to damage, can be used for a long time. And it has high aging resistance, which is suitable for some slow corrosive occasions, such as offshore oil operating platforms.

Many wastewaters are highly corrosive and wasteful, and water droplets or volatile water vapor are highly corrosive. Day after day, if traditional metal materials are used, it will cause rust or even damage, and there are many hidden dangers, so it is very suitable for the use of special FRP grating for sewage treatment. The special FRP grating for sewage treatment has certain corrosion resistance, can ensure a long life, has a multi-colored appearance, and can always be stored in a corrosive environment to maintain bright colors, making it play a role in greening the environment.

Compared with metal profiles, FRP grating for wastewater treatment plants is light in weight, high in strength, and good in corrosion resistance. It can fundamentally solve the problem of difficult corrosion of metal railings and FRP gratings, and its service life will be prolonged, the total cost is controlled, the appearance of various beautiful colors, and always keep bright colors in a corrosive environment, which can play the role of greening the environment.


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