FRP profile structure for seaside environment


FRP Structural Profile Shelters are the preferred solution when shade and protection from marine environmental elements are required. These shelters are constructed from fiberglass pultruded profiles of various structural profiles, which are inert, corrosion-resistant, and UV-stabilized. Lightweight features allow for easy installation without the need for heavy machinery.

FRP profile structure for seaside environment

seaside walkway fiberglass grating

Fiberglass pultruded structural profiles provide the framework for the shelter, designed to shield you from sun, rain, and wind. In addition to the usual outdoor elements, structures installed in marine environments also need to withstand the impact of sand, wind, and salt. As a non-porous material, FRP does not have the risk of absorbing moisture and its associated problems.

Unicomposite’s FRP products are lightweight enough to maintain the structural integrity of existing timber docks without adding excessive weight loads. With the support of our team, structures are designed according to relevant standards and codes, while maintaining aesthetics.

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