FRP Profiles Defects and Reasons 3


1. There are spots and uneven color on the fiberglass pultruded profiles, reason: pigment the resin has uneven mixture, pigment decomposition resistance is not good. Measures: to strengthen the mixing so that the resin with pigment can mix evenly, or replace the type of pigment.

2. Pollution, something outside goes into the frp profile, reason: resin adhesive liquid mixed with something, surface of the fiberglass veil is contaminated, when it goes into the fiberglass pultrusion mold, something outside is also in the mold. Measures: careful examination to prevent the formation of something outside in the mixing, replacement of contaminated raw materials.

3. The surface of fiberglass profile is too rough, reason: the surface roughness is high may be because the release agent quality is not good, the product surface resin content is too low, the mold cavity pressure is not sufficient. Measures: the selection of the low surface roughness of the mold, use good release agent, the use of surface veil or continuous mat, knitted mat through dip rubber, increase yarn content or add filler.

4. Dimpled surface, reasons: lack of roving or roving content is little, FRP pultrusion mold adhesion resulting in the accumulation of debris, scratch product surface. Measures: increase the amount of yarn, clean the mold, after a brief stop to restart, the use of good release agent.

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