FRP Pultrusion Profiles with Wood Grain Surface


Nowadays, many public places such as scenic spots, parks or communities will choose wood-like fiberglass profiles as decorative materials, which can replace the texture of wood and at the same time play a role in corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Glass fiber reinforced plastics generally refers to plastics with glass fiber reinforced with unsaturated polyester resin, fiberglass mat auxiliary fillers. Fiberglass pultruded profiles with wood grain surface actually use colored fiberglass surface mat instead of the traditional surface mat to obtain a variety of beautiful surfaces.

Colored fiberglass surface mat is a new technology developed on the basis of fiberglass mat. The use method of colored fiberglass surface mat is exactly the same as that of the traditional surface mat. It is easy to use and does not require any subsequent treatment. It does not only enable FRP profiles have all the characteristics of traditional surface mat such as corrosion resistance and smooth surface, but also make the profile get color surfaces such as wood grain, marble pattern, camouflage, flower pattern, etc.

The application of colored surface mats has changed the deficiencies of FRP products that restrict their use in many fields due to their monotonous color. Colorful FRP is easier to be accepted by people, making it possible for FRP products to be widely used in daily life and more fields. Rich colors, lively patterns and strong decoration will be the new trend of FRP product development.

At present, FRP profiles have been widely used in the construction field, especially in the seaside or mountainous areas. Due to the unique climate environment, materials with strong corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties are required. The wood-like surface is helpful for the wider use of FRP in the construction industry. Especially in the scenic area, the wood-like surface can better integrate with the surrounding trees and flowers, giving people the enjoyment of natural beauty. It is also in line with the current concept of vigorously developing the original ecology.

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