FRP Sign


The ideal sign should have four elements: easy transportation and installation, strong wind load resistance, ageing resistance, and low cost.

Fiberglass is an ideal and mature material for sign.

  1. Easy transportation and installation

Due to fiberglass pultrusion sign is light weight. It is convenient for carrying and transportation and installation.

  1. Strong wind load resistance

FRP sign is produced under high temperature. Its strength against wind is not bad. Of course it depends on the length of the FRP signboard.

  1. Anti-aging

The aging of FRP materials in the atmosphere is mainly due to the mechanical action of solar radiation, high temperature, humid air and wind and rain which leads to the resin on the surface of FRP to fall off and revealing white roving, and ultraviolet light to degrade and oxidize the active material. In view of the above phenomenon, it is very necessary to add an anti-aging agent and an anti-ultraviolet agent to delay the aging process.

  1. Low cost

Not like metal sign, frp sign is not attractive to thieves. Therefore, FRP post is cost saving and waste reducing. As time goes by, frp sign is more and more popular in the market.

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