FRP Stakes FRP Trellis FRP Rods


Unicomposite is a professional manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom fiberglass profiles. Among them, FRP Stakes/trellis/rods are one of the featured products, widely used in green industry for greenhouse, vineyard,horticulture,grower, garden center, nursery, farm and ranch etc.

FRP stakes, also know as FRP trellis is made from resin, roving etc. It is anti rust and long life span. Therefore, FRP stakes can save your time and money.

We have standard stakes, diameter can be from 1/4’’ to 1’’, very large varieties of diameter for your plants. Not only standard stakes available, to the request of market, we also develop custom FRP plants stakes with our efforts.

It comes to March of this year, very hectic season for people involved in green industries. If you have inquiry of FRP stakes, welcome to contact us for samples and quotes anytime.

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