How To Improve Pultruded Gratings Bending Resistance


How to improve the bending resistance of the fiberglass pultruded gratings

1. Select the pultruded profile with a reasonable shape

In the same cross-section shape, from the strength of the consideration, the fiberglass I beam is better than the rectangular tube, the rectangular tube is better than the fiberglass square tube, a square is better than the FRP round tubes. As a combination product of several kinds of pultrusion profiles, gratings should also consider factors such as material properties, rigidity, manufacturing process and so on. I-shaped cross-section is better than that of the rectangular section, but its molding difficult to control, it should be according to the technical requirements of the concrete, flexural strength, deflection and processing conditions difficult considering section of reasonable shape and size.

2. Reasonable configuration of the reinforced material of the pultrusion profile

As bearing strip pultruded profiles, the reinforcing material in addition to E-glass roving, but also to coat a layer of continuous glass fiber mat on the outside. With I-shaped section as an example, felt the whole surface coated, and I-shaped sections on both sides are felt; and hollow camp material within added on the outer layer of the mat in the middle layer and roving or to middle layer wrapped around the ring to yarn two layouts of reinforced material. These forms are very effective for improving the lateral strength and the bending performance of the extruded profile.

3. Process requirements for load-bearing section

The hole center must centroid position in I shape or rectangular shapes. This can reduce the strength and stiffness of the load-bearing. Due to the size of the circular hole, the large diameter of the circular hole can reduce the strength of the load-bearing parts, while the small hole diameter is not conducive to the insertion of the middle section, which affects the assembly.

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