Hydraulic FRP Pultrusion Production Line


Hydraulic FRP pultrusion production line adopts a hydraulic advanced control system to realize the reciprocating traction, automatic cutting, high production efficiency. Traction speed, adjustable pressure, temperature control with high precision, dual display instrument. Product quality is stable, the repeatability is good, the production process without waste material of the horn side, labor-saving, raw material, energy consumption. Hydraulic FRP pultrusion production line is mainly used in producing all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profiles, such as FRP cable protection pipe, fiberglass pipe, fiberglass bars, glass-reinforced plastic rod, fiberglass kite bartend pole, fiberglass I-shaped profiles, fiberglass angles, etc.

Products are widely applied to various fields: electrical, anti-corrosion engineering, building industry, transportation, sports and entertainment and other aspects. FRP cable tray is especially suitable for the pultrusion section, FRP cable protection pipe, fiberglass I-beam, fiberglass high-speed guardrail, etc. FRP pultruded products. Is the production of large FRP pultruded products (such as fiberglass high fence and fiberglass cable tray) the ideal equipment.

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