Mechanical Properties Of Glass Fiber


Properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic equipment, especially its physics, mechanical properties and glass fiber and its products performance and glass fiber and its products of performance, varieties, specifications have a direct relationship. In chemical corrosion resistance, because the glass fiber is superior to synthetic resin, so in addition to the individual case, mainly depends on the corrosion resistance of the resin.

Mechanical properties: glass fiber is characterized by high tensile strength and specific strength.

It is generally believed that the tensile strength of glass fiber is related to the diameter and the length of the sample. Usually it is natural or chemical fiber high 5~30 times, 2 times higher than that of steel.

The proportion of glass fiber is small, is 2.5~2.7, is bigger than the natural or chemical fiber, is about the steel 1/3.

Glass fiber is an excellent elastic material, the stress and strain diagram is a straight line. The maximum elongation at break is related to the diameter of the fiber, but generally not more than 5%.

The modulus of elasticity is equal to that of pure Al. Only the 1/3~1/6 of the steel, which can be described as the biggest weakness of the glass fiber.

Glass fiber is more brittle and durable.

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