Precautions for construction of FRP sewage pool cover


The sewage tank cover is also called the sewage tank cover and the odor collecting cover. It is made of FRP. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and flame retardant, firm and non-slip, lightweight, easy installation, maintenance-free, and insulation. It is suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, and urban sewage. Deodorizing sewage pools in sewage treatment plants in sectors such as treatment, medicine, food, metallurgy, compound fertilizer, textile printing, and dyeing.

FRP material sewage pool cover product features:

  • Cover movable cover, viewing window, inspection and repair holes, sampling holes, etc., are convenient for users to collect samples and maintain.
  • Have better load-bearing capacity.
  • Corrosion resistance, good flame retardancy, high strength, and strong tensile ability.
  • The safety performance of the cover plate of the sewage pool is relatively higher. The patterned cover plate on the surface has a strong anti-skid performance. The closed measures can better isolate the diffusion of exhaust gas and have a higher bearing capacity.

Precautions for construction of FRP sewage pool cover

FRP sewage pool cover construction precautions:

The first is safety. The construction personnel should pay attention to personal safety during the construction process to prevent people from falling into the pool; secondly, the sewage pond gas is harmful and toxic, and wearing a mask during construction to avoid excessive inhalation of damage to the body; at the same time, the sewage pool gas is explosive and combustible, Pay attention to prevention.

Secondly, according to the situation of the construction site, the drawing design shall be carried out for the FRP sewage tank cover plate, and then the installation shall be carried out on the site according to the provided dimension drawing. The sealing connection between each small cover plate and between the cover plate and the top surface of the tank shall be made to prevent odor leakage.

Finally, when the glass fiber-fixed sewage pool cover is completed, it cannot be put into use immediately. It is necessary to use water or air to replace the odor of the cycle. After the pipeline does not run, take, drop, leak, and plug the phenomenon, it can be officially official Investment and run.

In industrial production, the sewage tank cover plate is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion by itself; High-temperature resistance and flame retardant; Wear resistance and aging resistance are the main properties. In construction engineering and urban greening, the reason why it can be used as an environmental protection plate is also related to its bright color and pollution-free characteristics.

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