Fiberglass cable trays are made of corrosion resistant fiber reinforced plastic, the design delivers weight reductions while maintaining strength and maximising loading capability. The material is lightweight and does not rust.

Excellent Features

Cable tray, which with corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, television, telecommunications and so on.

Its maintenance is free and with long lifespan over 30 year. It comes with the features of good weather resistance in hot and humid state, do not occur oxidation corrosion and do not fade,no need to brush paint protection, no daily care and not afraid of lightning.

Cable tray impact resistance easy to recover, subject to the impact of objects after impact of large and can be restored to the original shape, stretching, bending strength of 600pa or more, anti-fatigue capacity of about 50 times than the steel.

Cable TrayCable Tray

Fiberglass Ladder Tray

Unicomposite fiberglass ladder tray is available as a complete Cable Management Support System, in compliance with internationally accepted standards and project specifications. With a variety of resin systems and tray configurations available, Unicomposite can provide the best solution for your specific application.

Cable Tray

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