In the last 25-30 years the use of wind turbines for electricity generation has grown from a grass-root “green” initiative to a financially sustainable primary energy resource

Application prospect

Wind blade is the most basic and important part of the blade type in wind turbine generator. The good design, reliable quality and excellent performance is the decisive factor to ensure the normal and stable operation of the generator unit. General materials used in the production of wind blades are wood, metal, engineering plastics, and fiberglass material, etc.

One of the key technologies of the FRP wind turbine is the development of composite blades, it relates to the field of aerodynamics, structural dynamics, structure test, composite materials, process manufacturing, mold equipment. The technical difficulty is relatively large. At present, most of the world’s blades are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material. The main consideration is that there are some advantages of FRP / composite material which are not available in other materials.

Blade we provide

Unicomposite provides fiberglass pultruded blade, blade of variable cross section reinforced skeleton wedge pultrusion production equipment, tooling and technical services.

Using the pultrusion process method for producing fiberglass blade can realize industrialized continuous production, product without late dressing, consistent quality,without detection of dynamic balance, the rate of 95%, compared with glass steel blade pultrusion process method for producing fiberglass blades and other forming process of production, the cost can be reduced by 40%, the sales price will reduce 50%.

Wind turbine component manufacturing that lowers life cycle cost of ownership. With an integrated network of factories across the whole world, Unicomposite offers wind turbine of cost-effective and flexible solutions for fulfilling their composite component needs.