Fiberglass windows / doors can be an excellent purchase, as they provide many benefits over some of the other types of windows / doors, and are often available at a reasonable price. Fiberglass has become increasingly popular, due to the excellent benefits that are provided by them.

Benefits we can get

Some of the benefits that you will find from the installation of fiberglass windows / doors include an increase in thermal performance (lowering of your energy bills), better overall strength and durability, and excellent flexibility in design. FRP windows / doors are an excellent option for individuals that are looking to save money without losing any functionality in the process.

Unicomposite’s fiberglass window and door manufacturing system meets the needs of designers and builders who wish to go beyond the limitations inherent with metal, plastic or wood frame fenestration. Pultruded fiberglass has proven to be a superior material in five ways: dimensional stability, thermal insulation, durability and aesthetics, and ‘environmental friendliness’.

Key Features

The key features and benefits of selecting fiberglass window frames as opposed to conventional wood or vinyl windows are as follows:

The Fiberglass Self Supported Ladders are quite popular in recent days and customers from different sectors are placing orders with us for this product. We are able to manufacture this product with all required features and make it suitable for the perfect use and application. We are asking for an extremely reasonable price to fit the budget of the customers. Materials are sourced from the vendors who are paneled with us. Quality check is done at multiple stage of production to avoid any manufacturing defects.

■Guaranteed prolonged fiberglass window frame life expectancy
■Slimmer fiberglass frames and mullions, increasing glass to frame ratio, increasing maximum sunlight and viewing area
■Ability to withstand high levels of wind load resistance, exceeding CAN-A440 M90 CSA Windo Standards
■Consistent room temperature in large window areas
■Consistent contact of weather-strip and positive seal against frame and sash, keeping air, water and dust out
■Noise significantly
■Glass fiber reinforced plastic material has stronger resistance to fatigue strength limit, so as to ensure the safety of the FRP energy-saving Windows and doors use and reliability.

Products and Details
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