FRP Platform

The FRP platform uses FRP round and square tubes as handrails, other profiles like angle profile, channel, I-beam, flat bars as structural support materials and FRP gratings as steps and walkways. It is suitable for areas and occasions with special requirements such as high anti-corrosion, non-conductive, anti-riot, heat insulation, resistance to damp and cold underwater and underground. FRP platform is widely used in sewage processing plants, water plants, petrochemicals, paper-making, steel manufacturing and other industries.

The main material of FRP platform is FRP grating. There are two types of grating: molded grating and pultruded grating. Fiberglass molded gratings are mostly used as walkways and steps. FRP molded grating is a plate-shaped material with a certain open porosity, which is made by a special process on a customized mold with unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber roving. Fiberglass pultruded gratinf is assembled from pultruded FRP profiles and is mainly used as steps or walkways in a large span. Some FRP platforms also use fiberglass decking as floor and stair steps.

Application of FRP Platform:

  1. Chemical Industry:operation platform, maintenance platform, cable trench cover, pedestrian walkway, trench cover, etc. in chemical plants.
  2. Shipbuilding Industry: decking boards, pedestrian walkways, maintenance walkways, etc.
  3. Manufacturing Industry: equipment maintenance platforms, operating aisles, floors, fences, trench covers, stair steps, etc.
  4. Sewage Treatment Industry: The fiberglass gratingplatform can be used as auxiliary surface material of the operating platform under the cooling tower, hanger of the biochemical water treatment pool,maintenance corridor and stair step of the sewage treatment plant.
  5. Transportation Industry: walkways in trains, automobiles and other transportation industries, railway crossing tracks, truck top walkways, platforms, decks, trench covers, airport lighting fences, etc.
  6. Electric Power Industry:  cable trench coverin power distribution room, protective isolation fence andground level safety insulation operation platform at transformer substation, launcher platform, cooling tower walkway, maintenance platform, loading and unloading platform, trench cover, etc.
  7. Animal Husbandry: animal resting floors, such as zoos, chicken farms, duck farms, sheep farms, cattle farms, poultry floors, pedestrian walkways, etc.
  8. Petroleum Industry: offshore oil drilling platform, offshore exploration operation platform, oil well pool protective cover, etc.
  9. Scenery Spot: fence and handrails, pedestrian walkways and viewing platform.

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