Pultrusion Equipment Composition


1. The delivery system for reinforced materials: fiberglass mats, felt unfolding equipment, fiberglass holes, etc.

2. Resin impregnation: straight impregnation method is commonly used. Fiberglass and felts should be very neat during the whole process.

3. Preforming: Impregnated reinforced materials go into the pre-forming device and delivery continuously in order to keep their relative position. When they gradually turn into the final shape of the product, extrusion needless resin and let them go into the die to form and solidify.

4. Pultrusion mold: Mould is designed according to certain conditions set by the system. Mould is divided into three different heating zones based on the heat curve of the resin solidification and the friction properties of materials and die. The property of the resin system determines the temperature of each heating zone. The key part of the pultrusion process is the die and the length of typical die ranges from 0.6 meters to 1.2 meters.

5. Pulling device: It could be a puller with a crawler or two reciprocating holding devices to ensure continuous motion.

6. Cutting device: Proximate matters are cut into length in need by a dicing saw which moves at the same time automatically.

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