Pultrusion Process Parameter Control Element


Because the pultrusion process parameters to pull the thermosetting resin, by some complex factors which occurred in the mold of the constraints, and also by mutual influence between the other parameters, therefore in the pultrusion process, the polymerization reaction of raw materials, and it is more difficult to accurately forecast.

At present, FRP pultrusion mold used in the monitoring and control of the sensing element has: temperature sensor, pressure sensor and the dielectric sensor three of the sensors, must first solve the problem of wear-resistant pultrusion. In addition, temperature,volume fraction of FRP mold, and the pulling speed, also will have a certain impact on the pultrusion molding process parameter sensor.

The current commonly used FRP pultrusion equipment, temperature sensing detection of the elements, often along the fiber direction, the surface area and placed in the forming mold, and the pressure sensing element, the middle position is often placed at the entrance of the pultrusion mold (usually pultrusion mold length 1000mm). The surface tension-type pressure sensing element, often coated with chromium layer, in order to improve its performance of pultruded profiles wear resistance.

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