The advantages of FRP grating plate in the sewage tank


The advantages of FRP grating plate in the sewage tank

The FRP grating plate in sewage tank is a kind of unsaturated polyester resin (including benzene, benzene, vinyl, and phenolic resin, etc.) as the matrix, with glass fiber roving as the skeleton in a customized mold through a special process with a certain opening rate of the plate material.

Scope of application of FRP grating plate: Granary slope passages, tank top, the power plant water treatment workshop, drain cover plate, well cover, sewage treatment plant, car wash glass fiber reinforced plastic grille, washing drainage board, ski resorts, FRP stand sidewalks, fence, along with the metro lines FRP plank road maintenance, yacht dock, landscape bridge deck, glass fiber reinforced plastic cable support, found board, municipal construction, afforestation trees grille, industry Plant operation platform, lawn isolation belt, lawn isolation belt, boat deck.

The advantages of FRP grating plate in the sewage tank

Performance of fiberglass grating plate in the sewage tank

1.wear-resistant skid performance is outstanding: in the process of production will be anti-skid and wear-resistant processing. Its anti-skid and wear resistance is far better than the general metal cover plate and wood cover plate, plastic cover plate, etc.

2. Good sealing performance, no danger: compared with the metal cover plate with poor corrosion resistance and the wood cover plate with poor material, the sealing performance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cover plate is very good. And it has many characteristics of non-conductive, non-thermal conductivity, and high corrosion resistance.

3. high-temperature resistance, flame retardant performance is strong: all FRP products have strong flame retardant performance, the main reason comes from the production of FRP products raw material resin. Although the type of resin is different, it can be divided into many kinds, but high-temperature resistance is one of the properties of each resin.

4. Excellent aging resistance and corrosion resistance: aging is also a manifestation of corrosion, which can be more accurately expressed as chronic corrosion, such as humid air is a chronic corrosion environment. Metal cover plates placed in the humid air for a long time will be slowly corroded, is commonly known as rust.

5. Long service life and high economic benefit: under normal circumstances, the service life of FRP cover plate is more than 50 years. And the service life of metal cover plate is only about 5 years, the service life of wood cover plate is only about 3 years.

6. the bearing capacity is high enough, this is must-have FRP grid specifications, and must have the weight to carry, some of the poor bearing capacity of the plate is directly excluded. In the early stage of the widespread use of metal grid plate, metal hardness, bearing capacity is strong, of course, in addition to the choice of metal grid plate and will use a hard plastic grid plate. Both types of plates were abandoned at a later stage.

The advantages of FRP grating plate in the sewage tank
Gutter FRP gratings with no rust, no mold, no corruption, no need to paint the characteristics of many corrosion of gas, liquid medium, the production of materials with high intensity, hardness are 10 times of ordinary material because this kind of special material and trench cover plate has the service life is long, generally can be used for twenty years, and no maintenance, Therefore, its comprehensive economic benefit is much better than using carbon steel.

The FRP grating plate for ditches is generally selected as 38*38*38, or 50*50*50 or 65*38*38. The color is yellow, green, red, gray, black and blue, which can be customized. The size is flexible and can be cut according to the size requirements.

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