What are the installation methods of FRP guardrail?


Usually the color of FRP guardrail yellow and green are more common. But not only these two kinds of color can deploy different color according to different occasion need. fiberglass guardrail color bright, long-term use will not fade.

Common FRP guardrail installation method:

(1) Prepare accessories required for installation, generally: handgun drill, hammer, and screws.

(2) Place the base on the ground and insert the column into the bottom of the base. (End oral end needs to use single-sided column, the so-called single-sided column refers to a column with only two connectors).

(3) The upper and lower bars of the guardrail are respectively inserted into the upper and lower connecting pieces matching the column (tear off the packaging foam film).

(4) The base and column are placed at the other end of the glass steel guardrail. Connect it to the guardrail.

(5) in the base of the spike (standard with 2 spike, diagonal fixed) hole with a hammer to hammer into the spike (remember to install the fence after the spike).

(6) With a handgun drill will attack the nail into the base of the corresponding caliber to make the column and the base connection better.

(7) insert the self-tapping screw and install the reflector.

What are the installation methods of FRP guardrail?

FRP guardrail

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