Use cases of FRP grating in different fields


FRP grating has super advantages, so it has a wide range of applications and a wide variety of products. This article will introduce the use cases of FRP grating in different fields.

1. Offshore oil platform

The covers of sizeable offshore oil operation platforms and offshore platforms, especially those used in harsh environments such as slippery surfaces, on ships, and in large field operation platforms, are corrosion-resistant and safe. Traditional offshore oil platforms often use steel plates as paving materials. Severe corrosion of these materials is caused by the harsh climate of the sea and the erosion of Shanghai water, which increases the insecurity factor. FRP grids have been successfully used in this harsh environment abroad. Because the weight is reduced by three quarters, the foundation support and other components are easier to handle. Through reasonable design, the total cost of the platform can also be reduced.

Use cases of FRP grating in different fields

FRP grating used in offshore oil platform

2. Landscaping

The special FRP grating for landscaping makes the city more beautiful and tidy while maintaining the soil and water. Because the grille is easy to cut, it can be applied to tree pools of various shapes and sizes. The FRP grating for landscaping has no special requirements for load-bearing, but it needs to meet the following two indicators:

  • Excellent anti-aging properties.
  • It can withstand long-term sunlight exposure without discoloration. Products have been used in greening projects in many cities, contributing to urban landscaping.

3. Chemical plant operation platform

The storage of raw materials in chemical plants will volatilize some corrosive gases. On the one hand, traditional metal platforms will rust and corrode, requiring regular maintenance and maintenance; on the other hand, electric sparks will appear during the construction process, which is prone to potential safety hazards. FRP grating, fiberglass handrail and fencing solve these problems, are light and maintenance-free, easy to construct, beautiful in appearance, and have won high praise from customers.

4. Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment plants are exposed to a variety of wastewater, which contains various volatile corrosive liquids themselves. General metal materials are rapidly corroded. FRP grating products have excellent corrosion resistance, can easily deal with various problems, are both beautiful and maintenance-free, and have become the choice of many manufacturers.

Use cases of FRP grating in different fields

FRP grating used in sewage treatment

5. Laying trench

FRP ditch cover is a kind of plate material with many spaces, which is made of glass fiber as reinforced material and unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix. It can be used as a structural material. Used as floors, trench covers, platforms, ship decks, stairs, plank roads, etc. in corrosive environments.

6. Car wash shop

It is specifically used in car wash shops, car showrooms, car beauty shops, etc. FRP grating for automobiles is very popular with customers due to its strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance.

Use cases of FRP grating in different fields

FRP grating used in car wash shop

The above is the whole content of the use cases of FRP grating in different fields. When purchasing, you should choose a manufacturer specializing in the production of FRP gratings.

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